Wednesday, April 25, 2012


To be eligible for the 2013 Best Fan Artist, an individual must have:

- Produced fan artworks published or displayed in 2012
- These artworks must be science fiction or fantasy related
- Artworks appeared in non-paying venues or low-paying venues including fanzines and semiprozines or displayed in science fiction convention art shows
- Not ever been on the ballot for Best Professional Artist

From this point, I'll be doing one post per artist. Please comment on those posts if I inadvertently post about someone who is ineligible.


  1. Ariel Burgess, Facebook page "In Memory of Robert Jordan". She rocks, but I dunno if she's eligible since she just got tagged for the WoT playing cards. I don't know how much it pays, but I do know that some of the proceeds go to charity.

    1. Thanks, Terez! From what I can tell, even if she is getting professionally paid for the cards, her unpaid work would still be eligible, so long as she has never appeared on the Hugo ballot for Best Pro Artist. Cheers!

  2. I'd like to recommend Galen Dara. Her art has been used by Dagan Books, Lightspeed Magazine, Tales to Terrify, Lovecraft eZine, and more. She won the Director's Choice Award at Orycon in 2011.

    Check out her work here:

    I had to actually ask her about her rates at this point--she is still working largely either for-the-love or at sub-pro rates. I suspect that will change before too long! :)

    Thanks for putting this together. Much needed.

  3. Hi,
    I got linked to this blog by Tansy, to recommend an Australian fan artist, Rhianna Williams. Some examples at her Deviantart site:

    including the Dijabringabeeralong Pub :

    She did quite a bit of work for the Nullus Anxietas III (Australian Discworld Con 2011) programme book, as well, but I haven't found that work online yet.

    1. Hi David

      Thanks for dropping in to give me recs!

      I actually do have Rhianna Williams (and Lisa Rye) on my "to contact" list, but I can't find her (their) email addresses on their DeviantArt pages. Rhianna's stuff there and at the Dijabringabeeralong Pub (bwahaha) is all (c)2009, and while the con programme book is to be commended, it is nonetheless a 2011 program book, and I need 2012 work, as well as the artist's permission to reproduce it here.

      Please, if you see her on Facebook or Twitter, ask if she can drop by this post and confirm what fan art she's produced this year and may I please have one example to post on the blog. Ta!